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The app store update is usually installed

  Automatic update: The app store update is usually installed automatically. The user does n ot see this p rocess and does not have the opportunity to influence it. So, to upgrade Google Play to Huawei P50 Pro, you need to sign in with your Google account. However, it is not uncommon for problems in an application that prevents the app store from receiving updates. To find out, you wil l need to check the current version of Google Play on its website and compare it to the build on your smartp hone. You can check the version as fol lows: ·           Introducing the Google Play Store. ·           Open the menu by pressing the three-line button. ·           Go to settings. ·           Review the information provided in the “Google Play Store version” section. If the current construction is different from the current one, it is worth finding the best way to install the update. Here are some personal review opti Update the Google Pla